Book Manuscript

  1. “All Options on the Table? Nuclear Proliferation, Preventive War, and a Leader’s Decision to Intervene.” In preparation for publisher review.

Working Papers

  1. “Nuclear Beliefs: A Leader-focused Theory of Counter-Proliferation.” Security Studies. Forthcoming. (Abstract)

  2. "Assessing the Benefits and Burdens of Nuclear Latency.” With Rupal Mehta. International Studies Quarterly. Forthcoming. (Abstract) (Supplementary Files)

  3. "The Determinants of Nuclear Latency." With Rupal Mehta.

  4. “Conceptualizing Global Public Goods.” With Naazneen Barma, Brent Durbin, and Steve Weber.

  5. "Presidential Beliefs and the Efficacy of Nuclear Coercion." With Julia Macdonald.

  6. “Unconventional Ties? States, Non-State Actors, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.” With Amir Stepak.

Ongoing Research

  1. Deterrence on Sundays. With Rupal Mehta.

  2. Hegemonic Decline and the Global Provision of Public Goods. With Naazneen Barma, Brent Durbin and Steve Weber.

  3. Nuclear Weapons and the End of the State. With James Goldgeier.